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Raw fuchsite pendant by Diana Silvan

Raw natural fuchsite shamanic pendant "Sound of Nature"

Natural stone, natural primitive look, for man or woman shamans.
Both side are nice. This stone is special, because has on each side different shade of green. It is rarely seen on one stone.
Fuchsite is known for its ability to gather information from the common energy source - Universe... if you like to.
Sparkling green stone, variety of muscovite, stone that has been used by ancient healers and shamans. Today known as a stone for healers, herbalist and stone of of creativity, inspiration and intuition.
Soft, sparkling and beautifuly green, those are the most visible attributes of this stone. These attributes attract our attention...and you suddently realize that you can reach deep levels of knowing, levels of deep visdom you need to understand, to accept and resolve the problem. Beautifully, naturally, with love.
When you are a helping person (healer) you can benefit very much from this amulet.

Dimension 70 x 23 mm

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