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by Diana Silvan

Schorl, black tourmaline healing pendant energetic jewel Black tourmaline - schorl when you need to clean up... and of course many more
This stone is known for his extremly protective quality.
Many sites with metaphysical texts about stones are refering about it.
My personal experience is that this stone is cleaning gently and eficiently our electromagnetic field . The consequence is the fact that we can attune ourselfs better to our priorities. We leave appart the rubbish.
It is a real cleaning in all levels: energetic, psychic, emotional and finally as a consequence on physical body.
The outcome could be even lost of excess weight, lost of illness, bad beliefs... It induce tranquil sleep, calm the mind and relax the body.
The African shaman used this stone to promote the awakening of the "dream of illusion" and to experience the self as a part of the Universal spirit. …. what else we can wish...?

Jewelry type: Raw tourmaline, schorl, raw schorl, shorl pendant, raw shorl pendant,raw tourmalíne pendant.

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