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When you have the rough emmerald, you can access the most original space of your heart, which is always unique and individual.
Emmerald helps to see it and that is why it improves eyes as a organ too.
Emmerald can help to recover exhausted strength. When you feel your force is trapped or when you feel yourself as trapped.

Nothing can be more precious then to see the truth of our heart. Tthat is why the emmerald was allways the most precious stone.

Dimensions: 26 x 42 x 20 cm

Jewelry type: Raw (rough) emerald pendant, necklace, emerald amulet. raw emerald crystal pendant,natural emerald pendant necklace, Healing emerald pendant, Fantasy emerald necklace, fairy emerald necklace, energetic emerald pendant, Wicca emerald pendant, boho emerald pendant.

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