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by Diana Silvan

Mermaid aquamarine ring from natural rough aquamarine and 925 silver ring, one size, adjustable.
If any stone is related to water undines, Mermaids or other water beings, it is aquamarine, the gorgeous kind of beryl .
I was sad a little, that this year I could not visit the sea side.... and suddenly I heard: "Do not be sad, I am with you anytime you ask for"
....I took a piece of aquamarine stone with very light blue - green color, looking like sea foam and immediately felt the fresh sea water in every cell of my body.
One piece of this beautiful and tender stone became a fantasy ring.
The same afternoon I visited the lake nearby and had a best water bathing for very long time, water was little cold and fresh and I said goodbye to lake beings for this season.... In the evening the rain came after a long dry period.
How could I not believe to Mermaids magic and their power?

Jewelry type: aquamarine, aquamarine ring, mermaid ring, fairy ring, raw aquamarine, natural aquamarine.

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