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Massive rustic ring with large natural green calcite stone. The stone is in natural shape, very thin, so the light can shine through.
Designed by Forest Fairy for another Fairy.

Ring is unusual combination of tenderness of green calcite and massive metal. A noticeable jewel for special feelings.

Inside the ring is natural copper.
Metals: Copper, Tin, Silver, no harmful materials.
Stylized to old Silver look.
Ring size adjustable aprox from 8 - plus
Ring is designed specially so that the stone and copper touch the skin directly.
Copper supply natural, earthy energy, support the concentration, self-confidence and self-assurance. Supports defense-ability against infections. Removes the blockade. Transmits healing power to the energy field of the one who wears it. Near to the skin detoxicates body system Relieves arthritis, swollen hands and feet. Accelerates metabolism, increases energy of other crystals Copper rings were u sed to attract love and fertility Copper can be rinsed under running water and recharge at the full moon. Green calcite accelerates spiritual development, is protecting, grounding and centering stone, and can help to bring inner peace. Helps revive the forgotten creativity and tender desires of your heart.
Green Light for new heart visions.

You can clean the stone energeticaly under tide water and charge in nature, where it is happy.

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