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Green Spirit

Chromediopside pendant by Diana Silvan

Green Spirit fantasy pendant
Chrome diopside from Yakutsk, Siberia
Great being from frozen Nature - the place the stone comes from is accesible only for two moths in a year.
The pendant is big collectible stone.
The Russian Chrome diopside is more and more popular, more expensive and difficult to buy.
Dimension: 68 x 62 x 32 mm
Diopside derives its name from the Greek dis, "twice", and opse, "face" in reference to the two ways in orienting the vertical prism.
The pendant Green Spirit has many faces too...
You can choose what direction to hang it .
By this variability you get always new jewel with different look and different feeling.
Chrome diopside in methaphysics:

Chrome diopside brings to alignement all chacras and energetic bodies.
It creates strong feeling for Gaia and for all livings.
It is a stone of acceptance in the sense that it can provide you the possibility and ability to „see“ the problem from different „angle“ and bring ability to change your focus on the problem, what often brings the „soft focus“ . Paradoxically this softeness is source of big inner power.
So it is not surprising that this stone brings improvement of immunity system and is great for recovery from ilness.
It teaches trust and forgiveness. Brings the feeling that everything is meanigfull, even bad things have their sense.
Some people believed green diopside had fallen from the tree of life and therefore the dead should be buried with a diopside to ensure renewal of life.
We can accept this as a true or a good methaphore.
The jewel is packed in nice Diana Silvan gift box with chain (from surgical 316 stainless steel)

Jewelry type: chromediopside, fantasy pendant, raw chromediopside, fairy pendant, chromediopside necklace, energetic jewel.

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