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by Diana Silvan

Ring is very rustic, as from very old times from fairies. The stone is natural Aragonite cluster star. Druze jewel.
Styled to old Silver patina. Inner part of the ring, touching skin is of natural copper.

Aragonite stars are very rare in jewels. It's a pity because his influence is very interesting and rewarding. Aragonite is grounding and centering us. If we act from our own center, we are shining naturally as a stars.

If someone wanted to put us off balance for his benefit, aragonite will help us to remain in our own center. You can see clearly your situation and this give you power and good feeling.
It helps to be in time.
It helps to cope with the loss of dear people.

Copper: Copper supply natural, earthy energy, support the concentration, self-confidence and self-assurance. Supports defense-ability against infections. Removes the blockade Transmits healing power to the energy field of the one who wears it. Near to the skin detoxicates body system Relieves arthritis, swollen hands and feet. Accelerates metabolism, increases energy of crystal.

Dimensions: 27 x 31 x 17, adjustable ring size from 9 - 14

Ring is packaged in a fashionable custom-made gift box lined with silky look white soft fabric.

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