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Dancing Goddess

by Diana Silvan

Dancing Goddess - natural raw malachite pendant, to stress the irresistible feminine mystery.
I made this jewel of beautiful, unique piece of natural malachite, which has the shape of a dancing goddess.
I took several photos in defferent light, but in reality green color is much beautiful and deeper.
This unique malachite is very strong and powerful and wants to attract attention itself - like a Goddess.
It will emphasize the true femininity and charm.
Style is rustique.
The entire underside is made of natural copper sheet.
If copper is wearing directly on to the skin, helps to improve and speed up metabolism. This cleanses the body from harmful substances and helps in reducing weight. Metal copper is related to Goddess, too.
Malachite cleans electromagnetic pollution and heals the earth's energy. Is a strong bond linked to natural and divine powers.
This stone increases the ability to empathize with other people's thinking and shows how its owner would feel in their place. Suppresses shyness, and supports friendships.
It is hard working stone and it is necessary clean it well. Put the stone on sunshine toghether with quartz druze.
This jewel will be sent with small crystal druze for cleaning as a gift.

Jewelry type: raw malachite, raw malachite pendant, malachite pendant.

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