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Raw aquamarine pendant by Diana Silvan

Mermaid aquamarine pendant from three natural pieces of rough aquamarine.
Pendant of thanks to water beings. Both sides are wearable, each brings its special feeling and energy.
If any stone is related to water undines, Mermaids or other water beings, it is aquamarine, the gorgeous kind of beryl .
I love so much the aquamarine gemstone, it vibration connect me immediately to refreshing water kingdom.
When I created this necklace I was in deep meditation about water beings and they guided my hands and toughts.
I share a little of it :-) here:

This necklace is big thanks to all water beings, caring for all water on Earth: oceans, seas, rivers, even for the smalest water places, even for water in our bodies. We are also water beings, having aprox. 70% of water in our body (it differ of course).
Water is not only chemical H2O, but the most important information carrier. We can tune our feelings by tuning water in our bodies. It is well known that water can absorb informations from music, toughts and changes its structure according to this information. It is very important to be aware about giving the information we like to live to our "waters". We can clean polluted water by our love, by our loving thoughts.
Water biengs are having hard time. Not only by chemical pollutions, but much more from all wifi and mobile deviceses, radars, etc. we are all in microwawe oven! This damage the structure and information field, changing structue of water into chaotic ill state. It is a great suffering for all nature Stones can keep electromagnetic fields and can help to keep it.
We can benefit from this. It helps us to tune ourselves, be healtier, more calm and not to colaps in chaos. And because we are all related, it is importatnt what we are transmiting. Is is it love and calmnes? Or desperate chaos?

"Please be aware of your feelings and decide the feeling you love to have. It will create the world around you" - this is the wish of water beings - and they said also " We are happy when you love us and do not forget what we are doing".
"We love to be happy, play and dance". "You as humans, you have the power of creating by toughts, so please imagine all water and nature healthy and happy. Maybe you do not believe you can do it, but be sure you can! You just forgot it."

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