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Me and my jewelry

My jewelry is a message from beautiful crystal beings. I help them to express their story in form of rings, earrings or pendants.

I let my hands to be guided by them intuitively and let them connect with my energy, understanding and awarness of their purpose.

Everything (everybody) has its own quality of vibration, energy and interact by them with otherīs energies and vibrations. So the healing and the energetic impact on this level is a fact.

Crystals are the most permanent and stable in their energy. It is whay ancient cultures made and use talismans or amulets for some purpose or as protection from unwanted entities.

Only our modern world forget the purpose and meaning, and use the jewelry only as an aesthetic complement. But they act anyway. Just people are not aware. They just like it - and it is ok, too.



Recently me and Vito of Druid Memories, special jeweller making very mystic druid jewelry, have decided to establish together our new joint web site with e-shop


Here are few photos of our jewelry - visit our new site merlinspirit.art and enjoy full collections of Vito and me.




You can contact me on e-mail:

diana (et) dianasilvan.com

I will respond as quickly as I can:)

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